UserBooster: Master Your Product Launch and Gain Early Traction

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Are you a startup founder or entrepreneur struggling to launch a product and get the first batch of users?

I know the countless hours of dedication, sleepless nights, and double espressos it took to get your product to this point. But now, as you stand near the launch of your product, you want it to reach its full potential and fulfill your vision.

Yet, deep down, you’re afraid that:

  • Your product won't receive the recognition it deserves
  • The launch will fail to generate traction
  • The market is too crowded

You’re aware most startups fail in their launch, yet you refuse to become one of those statistics.

I know this because some time ago, I was in your shoes.

I had spent months putting together a product and was ready to launch it. I just didn't know where to promote it or how to do it. I thought of Product Hunt but couldn't rely on it alone. I knew there had to be a better way.

So I started curating a list of places where I could promote my startup.

After a few weeks, I found 400 places. I used all these sites to launch my startup, and it paid off.

  • I got 7,000 in one day from Hacker News
  • I got 400+ upvotes on Product Hunt, making it the second most popular product of the day
  • Some of my Reddit posts got 300+ upvotes, driving thousands of visits to my website

After the successful launch, I felt I couldn't be the only founder struggling to launch. So I thought, "If I offer my list to other entrepreneurs, I can help them nail their product launch, just like I did.

So I took my list, which I called UserBooster, and put it on Gumroad.

After a few dozen sales, I learned that finding where to launch wasn't as important to founders as knowing how to launch in the 400+ places from my list. 

From then on, I started adding several playbooks explaining my launch strategy on all these sites and much more.

Since launching UserBooster, I’ve advised 400+ startup founders, helping them launch their startups and get their first users.

UserBooster was born from my experience launching my products and consulting with people just like you.

With the right tools and resources, you can confidently launch successfully and drive the traction you need with UserBooster.

  • Even if…you have a limited budget
  • Even if…you don’t know what channels to try
  • Even if…you’ve never launched a product before

And yes, especially if you want to generate $1,000… $10,000…or even $100,000 with your new business.

Avoid spending months working on a product with nothing to show for it. It’s time you launch your business successfully.

What You Get Inside UserBooster

UserBooster is a comprehensive, actionable Notion template designed to help founders launch confidently with a clear, time-tested plan. So you can stress less and focus on what truly matters—your vision and its impact on the world.

Let’s take a closer look at how UserBooster can help you do this:

Launch Strategies & Prioritization

Get proven strategies to help you prioritize your actions and launch your product effectively. 

Focus on what’s most important, optimize your limited resources, and manage your time more efficiently.

70+ Hand-Picked Launch Tools

With access to an extensive toolkit of 70+ resources, you’ll have everything you need to build and prepare for your launch.

These tools help streamline your process and ensure that you’re well-equipped to handle the demands of the launch phase, even with limited resources.

40+ Curated Educational Resources for Each Stage

UserBooster comes with 40+ handpicked educational resources designed to support you at every point of the launch process.

Tap into the knowledge and experience of successful founders, so you can navigate the complexities of the launch process and stand out even in the most competitive markets.

10 Detailed Tips for Leveraging Acquisition Channels

UserBooster comes with X tips on leveraging acquisition channels to help you identify and maximize the most effective channels for your product. 

By focusing on the right channels, you’ll gain more traction, reach a wider audience, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

40+ Tips & Tools for a Successful Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt is a crucial platform for showcasing your product to a large community of early adopters and influencers.

UserBooster will give you tips and tools to increase your chances of getting your startup noticed and getting early traction in Product Hunt.

🚀 Upgrade to Access the Full Launch Database

Get access to SpreadTheWorld, an expansive, carefully curated database of over 500+ platforms where you can launch your startup. It's the secret weapon I use every time I manage a product launch—whether it's for my own product or on behalf of my clients.

SpreadTheWorld will give you a substantial head-start in your user acquisition journey. So you can avoid spending countless hours researching acquisition channels and focus on what truly matters: launching and scaling your startup.

What It Includes

  • 80+ Startup directories
  • 110+ Facebook groups tagged by sector
  • 170+ guest post opportunities
  • 50+ Slack/Discord list
  • 40+ Online communities
  • Lifetime access to the whole database (with updates)

🚀🚀 Upgrade to the “Done for You” Service

Writing the copy, defining what sites to launch, and handling the actual launch takes a lot of time. If you are a busy startup founder who wants to gain early traction and get discovered by new users with the least amount of work, my "Done-for-You" service is perfect.

How It Works

  1. You fill out a form with basic information (your pitch, description, logo, etc.)
  2. I curate a list of ~80 directories & communities based on your startup activity.
  3. I start posting your startup to all the places.

The process takes one week at most. By the end, you’ll get a full submission report with screenshots attached.

UserBooster Is Right for You If…

  • You are committed to having a successful product launch
  • You are willing to take the necessary steps to make the most of UserBooster’s guidance
  • You believe that with the right strategies, tools, and resources, you can launch your product confidently

By investing in UserBooster, you’re taking a crucial step towards getting the successful launch your product deserves.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. UserBooster is here to support you every step of the way, empowering you to make your vision a reality.

If you’re ready to embrace the guidance UserBooster offers and commit to your success, take the leap and invest in UserBooster today. Together, we can help you confidently launch your product.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need to have is a free plan of Notion.

I want a specific topic to be included in the dashboard. Can I contact you?

Sure! You can DM me on Twitter @xavier_coiffard. All feedback or ideas are more than welcome!

Can I share that content on the Internet?

Nope. You’re not allowed to share it publicly.

How much time does the Done-For-You service take?

The submission process takes 7 days to finish as soon as I receive all the information.

Can I follow the progress of the Done-For-You?

Yes. You will be able to track progress directly on the list. We attach a screenshot for every submission.

Do you submit my startup with robots?

No, all our submissions are done manually. It prevents being flagged as spam and will not hurt your SEO.

How many users will I get with the Done-For-You service?

We can’t guarantee any numbers, of course. We can’t predict if you’ll go viral or will be spotted by a journalist. We know that you can easily get hundreds of visitors with only one post on IndieHackers, Hacker News, or even with a shoutout on Twitter!

Refund Policy

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it’s not what you expected, reply to the download email within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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UserBooster: Master Your Product Launch and Gain Early Traction

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