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Are you a startup founder or an IndieHacker looking for advice, feedback, mentorship?

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Launch your startup & get your first users: You built a product but don’t know where to find the first users? I will help you identify the quick wins and the long-term action to grow your startup
  • Building a Twitter audience: You want to create your own audience on Twitter? I built an audience of 10k followers in a year on Twitter. If you want to do the same and grow fast, I’ll give you a detailed roadmap to do the same - and even grow faster than me!
  • How to build your MVP: You have an idea but don’t know what to build and when to start marketing? I’ll share with you my strategies to build your MVP in 30 days and get real feedback from users
  • Landing Page Roast: You built a landing page and want brutally honest feedback about it? I’ll do it for you!

How does it work?

I always love meeting new founders and helping them to grow their products. But my time is obviously limited. That’s why I created an offer with 3 different options:

  • You can get a classic consultation call. We jump together on a 30 or 60 minutes call. We discuss your current struggles, and I’ll share everything I know to help you fix that.
  • Or you can get an asynchronous call. You fill out a form with your questions, and I’ll record a video of 10-20 minutes where I’ll break down your issues and give you my insights.

The asynchronous session is cheaper than the classic “jump on a call” session, as it’s more flexible. It’s also an excellent way for early-stage founders to gain clarity on a specific topic.

Why me?

I’ve been in the tech industry for 15 years, as a coder first and then joined a few startups as CTO. For the last 2 years I’ve been building my own products and focusing on the marketing side of it.

I’d be happy to share everything I know with you!

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Get help with Xavier

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